Worst fears on water realised – Neeson

Alliance Party MLA, Sean Neeson, has slammed new government water legislation stating that it will privatize the water service through the back door.

The East Antrim Assembly Member said: “Eight years ago, Labour MP, John Spellar, informed me that his government would not tolerate water privatization in Northern Ireland.

“Successive Labour NIO Ministers have tried to assure me that this would never happen. Eight years ago, I stated that water privatization would be even more unjust than the ill-fated poll tax in England.

“Without devolution we all knew that government would ignore Northern Ireland politicians and the public. Now, we see them rushing this disgraceful legislation through Westminster.

“I agree with the General Consumer Council that consumers in Northern Ireland are going to be treated differently from those in the rest of the UK.

“I have campaigned tirelessly for the past eight years, and will continue to do so, to prevent water privatization in Northern Ireland.

“We all know that large amounts of money need to be invested in the water infrastructure here, but we also know that this is due to years of neglect under Direct Rule Ministers.


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