“Shared Future” about much more than sectarian equality – Alliance

Alliance MLA Sean Neeson has warned those negotiating a deal by November that integrated public services must be central to it, and that the Government’s “Shared Future” document is about much more than equality along sectarian lines. His comments come before tomorrow’s Assembly plenary debate on equality and victims.

The East Antrim Assembly Member stated: “We have heard a lot about a ‘shared future based on equality’, but in fact it must be equality based on a shared future. This is about much more than balancing Protestant sectarianism with Catholic sectarianism.

“Politicians must commit themselves to governing Northern Ireland on behalf of everyone who lives here. That does not mean segregation into two tribal camps, it does not mean divided public services, and it does not mean sectarian quotas. It means people must be judged on merit, it means public money must be spent on the basis of need not ‘community’, and it means those in government must learn to think on behalf of everyone, not just their own ‘tribe’.

“We will not allow the whole agenda of integration of education, housing and leisure to become some sectarian carve-up game. Our politicians must stop shirking their responsibility to govern this country properly.”


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