Alliance Leader says stop wasting billions on segregation

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford has demanded an end to segregation in Northern Ireland, stating that it costs local taxpayers £1billion per year. David Ford also suggested that a memorial or a day of remembrance could be created for victims of the troubles. His comments came in today’s Assembly plenary debate on equality and victims.

The South Antrim Assembly Member said: “We cannot afford to waste £1 billion a year on segregation. We must end sectarianism and segregation now, to help attract more businesses and tourists to Northern Ireland.

“It is regrettable that much of today’s debate was focused on the tribal parties playing the blame game. The DUP, SDLP and Ulster Unionists have given their own sanitised versions of the truth on equality.

“Alliance believes that action to build a shared future goes hand in hand with political progress.

“The institutions of the Good Friday Agreement can only be sustainable if there is progress on improving community relations. Any commitments made on a shared future must be turned into actions.

“All parties must look at a variety of options for victims of the troubles. A memorial to victims or a day of reflection would allow people to think about the suffering of the entire community. Any day of remembrance must never be allowed to be hijacked by nefarious elements within the community.

“People may also want to put their story on the record about their experiences during the troubles. There must be a wider process of engagement to help victims throughout our society. More can and should be done to help all victims here.”


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