Why is Wilson planning to stop funding Road Safety Council?

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has slammed Environment Minister Sammy Wilson’s plan to stop funding the Road Safety Council, which could see the end of the organisation. Mr Lunn said the move could put the future of local road safety groups in real jeopardy.

Trevor Lunn MLA stated: “Why is the Minister stopping funding for the Road Safety Council? Does he not realise the extremely negative impact this disgraceful move will have?

“We have heard that that death toll on our roads has fallen to an all time low, and the Road Safety Council deserve much praise for this news. In planning to stop their funding, is the Minister trying to say that the Council did not play a significant role in these improved statistics?

“This appears to be yet another penny pinching quick fix from an Executive Minister. This short-sighted trend is becoming very depressing and is damaging to Northern Ireland.

“Many local areas have road safety groups and they perform a very important role in raising awareness of road safety issues. The Road Safety Council has been instrumental in the creation and maintenance of these entirely voluntary groups. How are these groups now going to be able to exist without the Road Safety Council?”


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