Lawther sets Wilson green economy challenge

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has thrown down the gauntlet to Environment Minister Sammy Wilson to make Northern Ireland a world leader on green issues. He stated that growing the green economy here presents an important way of protecting Northern Ireland’s economy in the current downturn.

Antrim Councillor Alan Lawther said: “I want to challenge Sammy Wilson to make 2009 the year that Northern Ireland starts making real progress on sustainability. This is a field in which Northern Ireland has massive potential, but a big change in attitude from the Minister is needed.

“Just like the pollution he doesn’t seem to mind, Sammy Wilson’s stance on the environment stinks. With the new year, he should try to broaden his outlook and realise the potential benefits of greater sustainability in Northern Ireland.

“In this difficult financial climate, encouraging the growth of our green economy and investing in green projects could help play a very significant part in protecting Northern Ireland’s economy.

“One only has to look at Barack Obama’s acclaimed Green New Deal to realise that if Northern Ireland does not act quickly on this matter, we will be left behind.

“We also support the Liberal Democrats ‘Green road out of the Recession’ strategy, which was launched just before Christmas. We as a party would make growing our green economy a core policy to help minimise the impact of the economic downturn. We would focus on green projects like building zero carbon social housing, and greater energy efficiency and renewable energy in the public sector. I want to challenge Sammy Wilson to do the same.”


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