Webb says Alliance are stepping forward for our community

Alliance Belfast Council candidate, Cllr Andrew Webb, has helped launch the Alliance Party’s Local Government manifesto.

Speaking at the launch at the MAC, Belfast, Cllr Andrew Webb said: “Local Government in Northern Ireland is changing. Not only will there be fewer councils, but they will have much more responsibility. This will mean that, more than ever, it is essential that Northern Ireland elects Councillors who will lead change in their community. And our manifesto reflects that.

“It demonstrates our commitment to local plans for our community relations, with ideas about how to tackle division and promote integration and a shared future.

“It also shows that we will work to ensure economic growth is stimulated in every part of Northern Ireland, which is why we have ideas for pursuing town centre and high street developments and for involving businesses in the decisions of local councils so their concerns are not left behind.

“Our manifesto also shows our commitment to the environment as well. Local government has a crucial role to play here to ensure that Northern Ireland reduces its carbon emissions and helps reduce climate change. And our manifesto also shows that we will promote arts, leisure and cultural facilities across Northern Ireland.

“Having politicians who will work for everyone is crucial in these elections. Our councils will now receive a greater range of responsibilities and their decisions will have a greater impact on people’s day-to-day lives. These new changes require a new style of modern, progressive and inclusive politics, which only Alliance can deliver.”


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