Lo: Alliance are stepping forward in Europe

Alliance European candidate, Anna Lo MLA, has helped launch the Alliance European manifesto at the MAC, Belfast.

Speaking at the launch at the MAC, Belfast, Anna Lo MLA said: “Alliance remains whole-heartedly pro-European. We are ambitious and positive for the role that the European Union can play in Northern Ireland and the role that an Alliance MEP can play in the EU.

“It makes economic sense to be part of a single market of 500 million customers and an economy worth £730 billion. Our manifesto explains what I will do as an MEP in order to best secure these economic benefits. It includes new areas of co-operation such as communications and energy where the benefits of the single market are not yet realised. It includes ideas to keep the framework that allows businesses to export hassle-free to Europe, whilst also cracking down on regulation. And it explains how I would maximise the benefits of EU funding for science and growth.

“The EU has also made huge strides on helping us to protect our environment. Our manifesto lays out my proposals to improve the role the EU plays on this topic. For example, I want to develop Europe as a green energy hub. And I want to maximise the benefits of Europe-wide co-operation on wildlife and habitats.

“Given my personal interest in tackling human trafficking, I know how important it is that we use our role in the European Union to tackle cross-border crime such as human-trafficking. Criminals are no longer confined to national borders and isolationism will not help tackle crime.

“This manifesto also lays out my plans to reform the way the European Union works. Just as I championed openness and transparency in the recent Local Government Bill, I will also do so in Europe.”


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