Ford: Alliance manifestos outline our vision of a society for everyone

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA, has launched his party’s European and Local Government manifestos at the MAC in Belfast, declaring that the documents outline the Alliance Party’s vision of a society for everyone. Links to our manifestos – European manifestoLocal Government manifesto

David Ford MLA said: “Whether it’s in the new Councils, or in Europe, Alliance representatives will pursue this Party’s primary objective – an end to the politics of ‘them and us’, and the development of a politics ‘for everyone’.

“We’ll be telling people that whether you vote, and how you vote, either makes change happen, or it makes things stay the same.

“Both of our manifestos emphasise themes that are central to what Alliance is and what we stand for. They apply our values to the challenges which will be faced by local communities and across Europe. At the heart of each is our commitment to building a shared future for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“The theme of our campaign for these elections is ‘Step Forward’, as we ask people to step forward and vote Alliance. Delivery of the agenda we set out today will allow Northern Ireland to take big steps forward too. Big steps, to give Northern Ireland a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable and shared future – for everyone.

“Other parties don’t want people to step forward. They want people to stay at home, or to vote to keep things as they are. People stepping forward to vote, and to vote for a new politics, doesn’t suit their agenda. But it suits ours. Because our agenda is change. Stepping Forward to vote Alliance offers the chance to make change happen.”


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