Webb condemns pensioner burglary

North Belfast Alliance Representative Cllr Billy Webb has expressed disgust at news of a pensioner being burgled in North Belfast. Two men went into the woman’s house around 7.15pm last night in Sunningdale Gardens and took money. He also condemned the stoning of a bus in North Belfast and said yob culture must be tackled head on.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “I simply do not know how anyone could bring themselves to rob a pensioner in her home. I want to ask those involved how they would feel if one of their grandparents faced an ordeal of this nature.

“My thoughts are with the victim at this very traumatic time.

“We have also seen a bus being stoned in North Belfast and I believe that the relevant authorities need to take a proactive approach to tackling this sickening yob culture. Anyone with information on these incidents should contact police to help catch these thugs.”


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