Walker condemns attack on war memorial

Alliance Councillor Gavin Walker has condemned an attack on a war memorial in Groomsport earlier this week.

Paint was thrown over the memorial on Thursday, with the PSNI making an arrest shortly after.

Councillor Gavin Walker said: “It is distressing for the residents of Groomsport to have our War Memorial defaced in such an abhorrent way – and especially on the eve of the remembrance of the sacrifices of the Battle of Britain.

“I understand the PSNI has already made an arrest and we are all grateful for their speedy response.

“But for those of us who live in the village – many of whom have lost family members to war – the stain on the Memorial is both hurtful and worrisome. We hope the Council will move quickly to remove the paint and that this thoughtless vandalism will never be repeated.”

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