Farry says Northern Ireland has half a government and talks about talks

Stephen Farry MLA has said other parties need to sit down and begin the talks process, as currently Northern Ireland has “half a government and talks about talks”.

Speaking before an Alliance delegation met with the British and Irish Governments, Mr Farry said there should be no preconditions for all-party talks to begin.

“People are becoming increasingly frustrated that we have yet to formally sit down as five parties to discuss the challenges facing Northern Ireland. Alliance wants to see every issue that is currently undermining the integrity of the political institutions or calling into question the sustainability of devolution discussed and put on the talks agenda.

“In turn, no outcome from those talks which is not sufficiently comprehensive will not obviously have sufficient political agreement to provide a resolution and a new refreshed start for the Assembly.

“There is no need for anyone to get bogged down in discussing preconditions for talks. The immediate commencement of talks will not undermine any party’s particular interests nor the interests of the community. There is no detriment to us moving straight into a talks process now.”

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