Vote Alliance to Strengthen progressive voice, says Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford says the people of Northern Ireland can strengthen the progressive voice of change by voting for Alliance candidates in this Thursday’s election.

David Ford said people would take a huge step towards getting Northern Ireland to better sooner by backing Alliance candidates in their constituency, as more Alliance MLAs would help stop the “pantomime” which goes on among many representatives at Stormont currently.

“Alliance gets just as frustrated as the public when it comes to the seemingly continuous crises and petty point scoring that brings Northern Ireland to a grinding halt every few months,” said Mr Ford.

“People deserve better than the go-slow politicians who use the pause or rewind buttons to advance their own selfish causes. Alliance is offering a true alternative that is based on the issues people find important – from building an integrated society to ending the poison of paramilitarism.

“Alliance has continued to grow in each election over almost the past two decades. We are the only party of the progressive centre ground strong enough to be part of the negotiations to shape the Programme for Government.

“On May 5, you can help us continue that upward momentum and together, we can get to better sooner.”

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