Ford says new Alliance Assembly team ready to deliver

Alliance Leader David Ford has said his party’s new Assembly team will work to increase the speed of change throughout Northern Ireland.

South Antrim MLA Mr Ford was speaking as Alliance unveiled its new MLA team. It includes first-time MLAs Paula Bradshaw and Kellie Armstrong, as well as Deputy Leader Naomi Long returning to the Assembly benches.

“Alliance ran a positive election campaign based on delivering for people on the issues that matter – from integrating society to ending paramilitarism,” said Mr Ford.

“We want to give our thanks to everyone who supported us throughout that campaign – from working to volunteering and of course voting for Alliance candidates. As the leading progressive voice of change, we have consolidated our position and will now build to meet the challenges of the future.

“Alliance has a fresh, reinvigorated team which also contains the highest percentage of female MLAs of any major party. That gives us confidence moving forward that we can continue our work together to move things forward faster for all in our society.”

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