Dickson blasts Adams over use of racial slur

Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson has blasted Gerry Adams after the Sinn Fein leader used a racial slur on social media.

East Antrim Assembly candidate Mr Dickson said Mr Adams’ attempted explanation of his ‘N-word’ use further compounded the situation.

“For anyone to use such a term is unacceptable. But for the leader of a major political party to do so simply beggars belief. Mr Adams may have deleted his initial post but the internet never truly forgets,” said Mr Dickson.

“Only a few weeks ago, Sinn Fein were comparing Mr Adams in all seriousness to civil rights hero Rosa Parks. This is proof, if it were ever needed, just how delusional that viewpoint is. The attempted explanation from him is not only historically inaccurate but deeply offensive to many.

“Using terms with racist connotations in any form needs stamped out in our society. I call for Gerry Adams to hold his hands up, admit he was wrong to use such a loaded word and apologise.”

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