Unionist hypocrisy reaches new heights – Dickson

Alliance East Antrim Representative, Cllr Stewart Dickson, has said Unionists’ attempts to present themselves as promoters of “normal politics” are falling on deaf ears.

Cllr Dickson stated: “The Ulster Unionists claim to be ‘for all of us’, but it seems to me from their candidate list that that applies only to middle-class Protestant males.

“The idea that Unionists stand to oppose ‘tribal politics’ is yet another new standard in hypocrisy. Ulster Unionists invented tribal politics, and remain wedded to it. This is, after all, the party which opposes water charges on the grounds that they are unfair to Protestants.

“People have had enough of wasting their vote on such rubbish. The parties which formed the last Executive were all talk, no action. They have delivered water charges, rates hikes and crumbling infrastructure.

“It is time for change. It is time for Alliance.”


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