Alliance tackles voter apathy in Northern Ireland

Alliance South Belfast Assembly candidate Anna Lo has stated that voter apathy is hurting Northern Ireland because it is boosting tribalism. She called on local people who are disillusioned with stalemate and segregation to vote for the real alternative – Alliance.

Anna Lo stated: “Many local people are fed up with lost opportunities and the failures of the tribal politicians. This makes them disillusioned and some don’t want to vote.

“Everyone should make sure they vote to send out a powerful message that Northern Ireland has moved away from segregation and sectarianism.

“This election gives people the chance to send out a positive message about Northern Ireland to the world. The eyes of the world will be on this region and we can let them know that we are looking forward towards a brighter, more prosperous future.

“If you are fed up with lost opportunities and cash being wasted on segregation, put Alliance at the heart of government and we will deliver a shared future and genuine power-sharing.

“By voting Alliance you can make a real difference. Make your vote really count on 7th March.”


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