Alliance only alternative to extremes

The Chair of the Alliance Party’s youth wing has called on young people to get out and vote Alliance on 7 March to make a historic move towards the end of religious segregation, and defeat the political extremes.

The North Down Councillor stated: “Young people are turning away from politics because it is associated directly with sectarianism and extremism.

“Let us be clear: all four parties in the last Executive feed off sectarian divisions; Alliance opposes sectarian divisions. Alliance is the only choice to defeat sectarianism, to defeat division, and to defeat extremism.

“Unionists claim they are ‘for all of us’ while putting forward a 95% male, middle-class Protestant team. The SDLP talk of ‘ending stunts’ at the same time as they carry out the most ridiculous one of the whole campaign – in Holywood.

“The Ulster Unionists and SDLP didn’t work. The DUP and Sinn Féin won’t work. Alliance does work. A vote for Alliance is the only alternative to segregation and extremism.”


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