Threats to Irish Diplomat are sickening – Alliance

Alliance Party Vice Chair, Cllr Michael Long, has slammed threats on an Irish Diplomat that have resulted in her leaving Belfast. Aine De Baroid works with the Irish President’s husband, Martin McAleese, in his discussions with loyalists to seek a lasting peace deal.

The Castlereagh Councillor said: “These threats are a sickening development. I am saddened that Aine De Baroid was forced to leave Northern Ireland to ensure her safety.

“This news sends out a disgraceful message around the world about Northern Ireland and continued campaigns of intimidation here.

“This disgusting behaviour has no place in any law abiding society. Aine was here to help facilitate a lasting peace in Northern Ireland, and she should be allowed to get on with the vital work that she does without threat from any elements.”


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