Alliance demands consistent recycling policies across Northern Ireland

Alliance Environment Spokesperson, Stewart Dickson, has demanded that all councils in Northern Ireland implement consistent recycling policies. He has called for the same type of bins to be used in all areas so that everyone knows exactly what can be recycled across Northern Ireland. He stated that such measures would increase recycling here.

The Carrickfergus Councillor stated: “Currently 26 District Councils recycle across Northern Ireland but the methods which each of these council areas employ are very different. These differences only serve to confuse the situation and reduce recycling levels across Northern Ireland.

“We have blue bins, grey bins, green bins, black boxes and red boxes around Northern Ireland. This only complicates this situation, and this confusion hinders the promotion of recycling.

“In the Carrickfergus area, you can recycle glass, plastics and newspapers, but not cardboard. In Newtownabbey Borough Council area, you are able to recycle garden waste, glass, plastic, newspapers and cardboard. These differences exist across in Northern Ireland.

“The quality of your local recycling facilities and what you can recycle depends on who delivers the service in your area, the council or a franchise.

“Councils here must coordinate the colour coding of bins and there must be more uniformity and clarity on recycling policy.

“In the best recycling areas of Carrickfergus Borough, upwards of 65% of

domestic waste is recycled, and in the worst only 25%. The Department of

Environment should be monitoring these figures and publishing recycling league tables to name and shame under-performing councils.

“I call for organisations like Arc21 to get their act together and implement a consistent policy on recycling, to ensure that we can maximise recycling to help in protecting our environment.”


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