Stronger reminders needed about voter registration – Aceves-Cully

Alliance Party Spokesperson Elena Aceves-Cully has said a stronger reminder is needed to people to register to vote, and urged people who have not sent back their forms to do so urgently.

The Larne Town representative and 2005 Council candidate stated: “The message has not gone out strongly enough that people need to register to vote now. We are not in election mode, but people can lose their vote.

“The fear is that people will once again approach an election helpless, as they realize their opportunity to register has passed.

“It is essential for democracy that people return their forms as indicated, and if they have not received their forms or have any queries that they contact the Electoral Office on 9044 6688.

“People must not be deprived of their vote, or their voice, and the message must get out there.”


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