Tap tax cash loss is drop in the ocean compared to billion wasted on segregation

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA, has demanded that the Executive parties work to eradicate the cost of segregation, in order to stop local people being forced to pay unfair stealth charges like rates hikes and tap tax. His comments come after it was announced in the Assembly Regional Development Committee that delaying water charges bills will cost 265 million pounds in three years.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “These finance problems arise from the total failure of the Executive parties to commit to ending segregation.

“Maintaining the Berlin Wall of segregation which still exists across our society costs one billion pounds of public cash every year.

“If we worked to eradicate the cost of segregation, there would be no need for people to be forced to pay these unfair stealth charges like rates rises and tap tax.

“We must invest to save in Northern Ireland. The Executive parties must start balancing the books property and throw away the begging bowl. Northern Ireland must start taking more responsibility for its own financial affairs.

“The tribal parties must wake up to the fact that for Northern Ireland the choice is a shared future or a poor future.”


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