Walls of segregation a “sign of defeat” – Ford

Alliance Party Leader David Ford MLA has described the decision to build yet another peace wall, directly next to an integrated college, as a “sign of defeat” in the battle against segregation.

David Ford stated: “Building any inappropriately named ‘peace wall’ next to a school is a sign of defeat. This is particularly so when it appears next to an integrated school which has done so much good community relations work.

“In this specific case, the Alliance Party has advocated security fencing, rather than a wall, as a way of providing protection without dividing a school from the community that surrounds it. The school is designed to be a symbol of togetherness, not division.

“We recognise the real fears that exist in communities either side of peace lines. Nevertheless, we should be prioritising the creation of a society where they are no longer required. They are a reminder that we have a long way to go to becoming the normal, democratic and prosperous society we have the potential to become.

“I would call on the Executive to set a target date for removal of at least some of the peace walls that blight our urban landscape. Achieving this will not only improve the landscape, but will be a true sign of real progress towards an integrated society where we spend money on public services, not on dividing up communities.”


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