Stormont Executive must give more support to Citizens Advice Bureau

Belfast Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron has called on the Stormont Executive to do more to support the Citizens Advice Bureau because it will have very important role in helping people during these difficult economic times. Her call comes as £10 million was provided for the CAB in England and Wales, but no such funding has yet been announced for the CAB in Northern Ireland.

Cllr Maíre Hendron said: “I would encourage the Stormont Executive to ensure that the Northern Ireland Citizens Advice Bureau gets the funding it needs and deserves, following the £10 million boost for the CAB in other parts of the UK. Given the rising cost of energy and food, coupled with job losses, the CAB’s role is more integral to society that ever.

“The organisation takes the pressure off individuals and plays a massively important role in these extremely difficult times.

“They offer sound advice and provide real support for local people. The amazing thing about this service is that the advice is for free, and that is what people need when they find themselves in financial difficulties.

“For the Executive to show that it is really serious about helping local people through the global financial and energy crises they must make sure that Northern Ireland’s most precious advice resource gets the support it needs.”


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