Salaries report needs careful examination – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the Senior Salaries Review Body report on MLAs’ pay and allowances merits careful examination by all concerned.

David Ford said: “I welcome the publication of the report which has put an end to wild speculation of enormous salary increases for MLAs. Alliance has said for some time that MLAs need to show they are doing the work to justify salaries which are set as if the Assembly was working normally.

“I know that my team has been working in committees, in the Assembly and in constituencies, but the failures of the Executive mean that we have not been allowed to do all the work that the role entails. The five-month deadlock has damaged public confidence.

“The proposal from SSRB for modest increases followed by an independent validation of the operation of the Assembly in 2010 appears to recognise this as an issue.

“Further proposals to clarify the rules on expenditure by MLAs and tighten up problems around the dual mandate are welcome and merit consideration.”


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