Ford says UUP has nothing to offer Tories or local people

Alliance Leader David Ford has said that the UUP dinosaur has nothing to offer the Tories, and also stated that Conservatives would be embarrassed at the UUP’s deal with the TUV. His comments come before Conservative Leader David Cameron is due to address the Ulster Unionists conference.

David Ford MLA stated: “The Ulster Unionist dinosaur has nothing to offer the Tories. I am sure that the Conservative Party and their Leader, David Cameron, would not be not be happy with the UUP’s recent deal with the TUV.

“People did not vote for the UUP so that they could go off and cut deals with Jim Allister’s TUV. This political negativity offers nothing for the people of Northern Ireland. Ulster Unionist voters, I am sure, were disgusted and confused when their leadership cut a deal with them.

“The UUP are constantly trying to out-do the DUP in their sectarian contests.

Look at recent tribal comments on the boundaries of Belfast and their refusal to recognise a minister who tried to build community relations in Limavady.

“We welcome the Conservatives to politics in Northern Ireland; however, recent actions by the UUP show that they will most likely embarrass the Tories. Alliance is a growing party, while the UUP is continuing to shrink.

“The Ulster Unionists no longer know what they stand for. Who will Sir Reg be in bed with next week? I do not think he even knows himself.”


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