Neeson welcomes prospect of reduction in electricity prices

Alliance Enterprise spokesperson Sean Neeson MLA has welcomed the Douglas McIldoon report and the prospect of a reduction in the electricity prices but warns that there must be reforms to the electricity market. His comments follow the news from the utility regulator Iain Osbourne that a price drop in electricity prices might be announced before Christmas.

Sean Neeson MLA said: “After many months of price rise after price rise we are now expecting that consumers will have the good news of a price drop in their energy bills.

“Fuel poverty is expecting to hit many families this winter so I am sure any reduction in electricity prices will be a welcome relief.

“I welcomed the report by the former regulator Douglas McIldoon which gave NIE more flexibility in how it buys power. But there needs to be wholesale reform of the electricity market both north and south of the border. Unfortunately the single electricity market has not really benefited consumers in Northern Ireland so far.”


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