Lo says Carers’ constituency surgery was great success

To mark International Carers Day today, South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo held a constituency surgery for carers, and hailed the event as a great success. The session took place at her constituency office and she was joined on the day by a representative from Carers Northern Ireland.

Anna Lo said: “Our carers’ surgery was a real success. I organized the event to mark International Carers Day and am glad that so many people came along today to share their experiences.

“We wanted to reach as many carers in the area as we could, and I believe that today’s session was useful to all involved.

“Carers play an extremely important role in our society. Their invaluable work assists the health service greatly and I believe they deserve greater recognition for the role they play.

“Carers are very much undervalued and often only gain negligible financial help from government. Their work provides high quality care for relatives and friends, and they save our Department of Health millions of pounds every year.

“Unfortunately, carers do not get the assistance they need from the state, both financially and from a support point of view. Often, they feel isolated and I want to do anything I can to alleviate this problem.

“Given the success of this event, I am considering holding more surgeries specifically for carers in the future.”


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