Cameron Must Address TUV Issue says Alliance

North Down Alliance MLA, Stephen Farry, has challenged the David Cameron and the Conservative Party to come clean on the implications of their linkage through the Ulster Unionists to Jim Allister’s Traditional Unionist Voice. He has warned the Conservatives against turning the European Election into a sectarian headcount.

Speaking after David Cameron’s address to the UUP Conference, Stephen Farry stated:

“The Conservative’s marriage of convenience with the Ulster Unionists comes with plenty of baggage both past and present. The Conservatives have not just hooked up the UUP, but are also hooking up with Jim Allister’s TUV with whom Reg Empey’s UUP have a pre-existing relationship.

“The UUP-TUV Electoral Pact for the European Elections sends out a clear and unambiguous message. Rather than addressing the stark social and economic problems facing Northern Ireland or the matter of how best Northern Ireland can engage with the European Union, the most important consideration must be maximising the number of unionists returned. Conservative and Ulster Unionist voters are being asked to endorse the reactionary and rejectionist agenda of the TUV ahead of transferring to any cross-community or moderate nationalist candidate.

“The constitutional status of Northern Ireland is not at stake in the European Election. Is David Cameron content to turn this election into yet another sectarian headcount? This is a core questions which the Conservatives must address.”


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