Stop delaying Maze stadium decision

Alliance Culture Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has blasted Gregory Campbell for the continuing delay in making a decision over the Maze stadium. Mr McCarthy challenged the Executive parties to state one big decision which they have not delayed since coming to power. His comments come after Gregory Campbell announced at a Linfield Football Club reception at Stormont last night that the Maze decision would be made within the next few weeks.

The Opposition MLA said: “The Maze stadium decision has been delayed for so long now that I certainly won’t be holding my breath on Gregory making this announcement.

“The DUP have turned the multi-sports stadium into a multi-faceted delay mechanism. The Executive has not sat since mid-June and will not meet again until mid-September. The parties involved specialise in delay as opposed to delivery. Northern Ireland needs a large shared stadium and the Maze is currently the only show in town. I want to tell Gregory to get on with it and stop procrastinating.

“The Executive is currently lost in a Maze that it created itself. I challenge the Executive parties to come out and tell us of any big issue that they have not delayed on since they came to power.

“When devolution returned over a year ago, the DUP said there would be quick progress and there would be a stadium at the Maze. They have flip-flopped so much on this that they have no credibility left on the issue.

“Following his announcement last night, what is Gregory waiting for? Is he waiting for a civil servant to tell him what to do? Get on with it because local sport is suffering with every day that passes without a decision being made.”


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