Ford calls on Dodds to urgently implement childcare scheme

Alliance Leader David Ford is putting pressure on Minister Nigel Dodds to implement the civil service Childcare Voucher scheme urgently as he fears that the initiative will be delayed unnecessarily. He said the longer the scheme is delayed, the longer those eligible are being hit with childcare costs.

David Ford said: “I want to put pressure on Nigel Dodds to get this scheme up and running as soon as possible, because we have heard that there may be further delays. This is despite the fact that the Department of Finance and Personnel originally said the scheme would be up-and-running by September.

“Implementing this vitally important childcare scheme should be child’s play. The longer this initiative is delayed, the harder parents are hit with childcare costs.

“This scheme could produce major benefits for Northern Ireland Civil Service employees. I am annoyed to hear of ongoing difficulties and delays in enacting this initiative.

“Nigel Dodds’ Department needs to conduct preparatory work before this scheme can go live, yet little of this work appears to have been completed. There can be no further delays. Northern Ireland needs to show that it is a progressive place to live and work, and childcare assistance is at the forefront of this.”


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