Local people face tough times and Executive is doing nothing to help

Alliance MLA Séan Neeson has said that local people are facing more financial problems than ever, yet the Stormont Executive is running away from tackling these problems by not even meeting. The Executive will not meet again until September and has not met since mid-June.

Opposition MLA Séan Neeson said: “People are facing spiralling fuel and energy bills. Food shopping is costing more than ever and water charges are on the way. It is despicable that while more and more people are being pushed below the poverty line, the Executive is cancelling meetings and running away from tackling these problems.

“The way the Executive is treating local people is utterly contemptible. The have not held a meeting since 19 June and will not meet again until mid- September. It’s the longest and laziest summer holiday I’ve ever heard of.

” Northern Ireland is being hit hard by the credit crunch. It’s not the well-paid Executive Ministers that will suffer due to the crunch, it’s the hard-working person on the street who will not be able to make ends meet.

“The Executive is squabbling over issues that need to be addressed and their failure to get back to work is causing many problems. What people want to see is leadership that will bring people through the tough times they are currently facing.

“What good is a government that runs away when the going gets tough?”


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