Spate of Orange Hall attacks shows menace of segregation – Neeson

Alliance MLA Seán Neeson has said that the recent spate of attacks on Orange Halls shows they type of problems that can come from having a divided society. In recent times an Orange Hall was daubed with graffitti in Rasharkin and another was attacked in Ballintoy.

Seán Neeson MLA said: “These disturbing attacks on all community facilities, whether they’re GAA buildings or Orange Halls must end for good.

“The fact that our society is divided plays a massive role in heightening prejudice. Segregation is the single biggest factor which leads to sickening behaviour of this nature.

“If our children are educated together and families from all backgrounds live side by side we can cut the cancer of hate out of our society forever.

“To end division we need more shared and integrated education, and we also need shared housing developments. Segregation costs Northern Ireland £1billion every year. There can be absolutely no excuse for the Stormont Executive to fail to make tackling division one of their top priorities.”


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