Ford – This is last week to avert Stormont crisis

Alliance Leader David Ford has said dialogue is needed this week between all parties to avert a crisis, as next week will be too late. He also called on the British and Irish Governments to get involved and help facilitate these discussions and apply pressure in order to protect devolution.

David Ford said: “This week we have an opportunity to avert a crisis. Next week the future of the Assembly could be thrown into jeopardy. If there is not serious engagement between the parties this week I believe we will be in a full-blown crisis next week. This must not be allowed to happen.

“Alliance is always constructive and always seeks to find solutions and build consensus. We have put forward constructive proposals on the policies relating to justice and on building a shared future. We have taken the lead in the post-primary transfer talks. I believe that we have played our part: other parties now need to address the massive problems that are threatening devolution here.

“I believe that the British and Irish Governments must get involved urgently. They need to facilitate dialogue and apply pressure to protect the massive progress made in Northern Ireland in recent years.”


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