Sinn Fein must accept their responsibilities: McGarry

Alliance President, Dr Philip McGarry, has said that Sinn Fein needs to take its share of responsibility for moving the political process forward, rather than continuing to blame everybody else.

Dr McGarry said:

“This has been a very bad week for Sinn Fein. On Tuesday night in Brussels they caused great embarrassment to themselves by their insulting treatment of one of the European Union’s most senior officials.”

“Their negative and churlish response to President McAlease’s indication that the Queen might soon visit Dublin was a mirror image of the surly response of the DUP to the visits to Northern Ireland by the President of the Republic.”

“Figures released this week show that republicans are continuing to shot and beat people, despite the early release of large numbers of IRA prisoners. Meanwhile there is little evidence that Sinn Fein wants to make even a gesture on decommissioning.”

“Everybody has a responsibility to play their part in creating a new and peaceful Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein by their actions over the last week, have shown every indication of blaming everybody else while making no real effort themselves.”


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