Trimble must not breach Agreement over decommissioning: Neeson

Alliance Leader Sean Neeson and the party’s Justice Spokesperson Steve McBride will meet tomorrow, Monday 19 October, with General John de Chastelain, Chairman of the Decommissioning Body. Speaking in advance of the meeting Sean Neeson insisted that the decommissioning issue not be allowed to delay the process any longer.

Sean Neeson said:

“Decommissioning has been allowed to fester like an open wound in the side of the Agreement. Republicans and Loyalists should look upon decommissioning as an opportunity to build confidence in the process across the community. But Unionists must not look upon it as a precondition to fulfilling the obligations that rest on David Trimble as First Minister. He must move immediately to establish the Executive.

“If the Executive is not formed then the North-South Ministerial Council cannot be established before the October 31 deadline. If that deadline is missed then David Trimble and the Ulster Unionists will have breached the Agreement. We cannot afford to ignore deadlines as though they do not matter. David Trimble should seize upon the goodwill being shown towards him in the wake of the Nobel Prize and get the implementation of the Agreement back on track.”


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