Don’t forget other integrated schools says Alliance

The Party Organiser of the Alliance Party, Stephen Farry, has welcomed the opening of an integrated school in Dungannon by the Secretary of State but has pointed out that there are three integrated schools that are still awaiting a Government decision to grant them public funding.

Stephen Farry stated:

“The Alliance Party welcomes the opening of an integrated school in Dungannon. Its opening by the Secretary of State is highly symbolic. Hopefully, it signifies a renewed commitment by the Government to integrated schooling.”

“However, there are three integrated schools currently operating in Northern Ireland without public funds: Strangford, Ullidia, and Oakwood. These schools have met the criteria for funding laid down by the Government. Alliance looks forward to a positive decision from the Department of Education to fund these schools, in the very near future.”

“Integrated education has the potential to further understanding across the community. Opinion polls show a very high demand among parents for access to this type of schooling, yet today only 3% of Northern Ireland school chlidren attend such schools. It is a major public policy deficiency when public funds are used to bolster segregated education but don’t address integrated needs.”


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