Concern at quarry Inn planning bid

Castlereagh Alliance Chair, Michael Long, has expressed deep concern at the decision to seek planning permission to build 76 new dwellings on the site of the Quarry Inn in Dundonald.

Mr. Long said, “Having just completed a survey and petition of the Old Mill area, I am only too aware of the anger there will be amongst local people if further development occurs with no improvement in local infrastructure. Already almost 300 people have signed a petition aimed at improving access to Old Mill Heights from the Upper Newtownards, whilst residents have quite rightly complained about a lack of play facilities and nearby school-places for their children.”

The Dundonald agent continued, “The building of more houses will only worsen the already serious traffic problem, and Alliance are calling for the DOE to improve local access to the development through the provision of traffic lights immediately. Regarding play areas, I believe that the Council, along with the developers of green-field sites, must act to ensure that safe facilities are available for young children. It would be worth considering making such provision by the developers, either in full or in part, a condition of planning permission for new developments. They should, in fact, be a part of any integrated and well-designed development proposal by right.”


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