Sinn Fein arrogant on policing: Neeson

Alliance Assembly member Sean Neeson has accused Sinn Fein of blatant arrogance in its approach to policing and ‘acts of completion’.

Mr Neeson said: “Sinn Fein’s dogmatic approach to policing and ending paramilitary activity is not only an insult to unionists, but an embarrassment to nationalists.

“Sinn Fein are displaying exactly the same kind of arrogance and contempt that unionists exhibited in the past when their childish actions led to the downfall of the former Northern Ireland Parliament.

“It is ironic that Sinn Fein tactics could also lead to the destruction of the Good Friday Agreement. The Assembly elections were delayed to facilitate Sinn Fein, but it is my firm belief that elections must go ahead on May 29, whether republicans have chosen the democratic road or not.

“To postpone elections once again will only lead to serious political instability and sectarian unrest on the streets.

“The ball is in Sinn Fein’s court and they must decide if they are going to abide by the wish of the vast majority of Irish people, north and south, who overwhelmingly endorsed the Agreement, or condemn them to further uncertainty and bloodshed.”


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