Neeson concern at delays for skin treatment

Alliance Assembly member Sean Neeson has written to the Health Minister expressing concerns that people in the Northern Health Board area are facing unacceptable delays in receiving treatment for severe skin problems.

Mr Neeson said a number of his constituents with dermatological conditions and irritations causing pain were waiting much longer than they should reasonably be expected to.

Mr Neeson said: “Several constituents have complained to me they will have to wait for two years or more before even seeing a dermatologist. Indeed, the Government has now admitted that this is the case.”

“This is simply an unacceptable wait for patients suffering extreme discomfort due to skin disorders, and it needs to be addressed urgently. The number of referrals has doubled in the last 10 years, while there are very few dermatology trainees coming through.”

“Unfortunately, this kind of situation once again confirms the dire state of our ailing health service, which is in dire need of proper resourcing and funding.”

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