‘McGuinness’s double standards on human rights’

Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said she is surprised at comments made by Martin McGuinness on the issue of people exiled by the IRA (reported in today’s Times).

Refusing to give any commitment on the issue, Mr McGuinness said he “would be concerned at the prospect of people coming back into communities and there being a community reaction”.

Mrs Bell said: “Once again, here is evidence of Sinn Fein’s double standards on justice. Once again, they are being selective about human rights. When will Sinn Fein acknowledge that human rights belong to everyone, including IRA exiles?

“An end to the abuse of forcible exiling is a necessary ‘act of completion’ for all paramilitary groups. If any of those exiled have been guilty of a crime, and that does not include all exiles by any means, then the only way to deal with them is through the PSNI and justice system – not intimidation by thugs.

“As signatories to the Agreement, it is hard to see how Sinn Fein can continue to justify the disgusting practice of exiling. But it impossible to see how Sinn Fein could sit on the Policing Board and continue to excuse this crime.”


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