Shocking peace line statistics show disgraceful extent of segregation

Following Belfast Telegraph revelations that there are 57 peace lines across Northern Ireland, Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that this figure illustrated the devastating extent of segregation. He also stated that one billion pounds every year is wasted on keeping Northern Ireland a divided society.

The Strangford Alliance MLA said: “The astonishingly large number of peace lines across Northern Ireland highlights the real problem of segregation which still exists locally.

“Just because the extremists have hatched a devolution deal, it doesn’t mean to say that our society is not still divided.

“Alliance has worked out that one billion pounds is wasted every year locally in keeping our society divided. This disgraceful waste of money must be stopped and we want to use this saved cash to improve public services and stop stealth taxes.

“For Northern Ireland to transform fully into a totally peaceful, stable and prosperous society, segregation must be ended and a shared future must be created for everyone.”


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