Naomi Long to take key Committee Vice-Chair post – Alliance

Alliance Leader David Ford has announced that Party Deputy Leader Naomi Long will take up the post of Deputy Chair of the Assembly Committee of the Centre. Naomi Long has stated that she will use the role to apply pressure on the new Executive to build a genuinely shared future for everyone in Northern Ireland.

David Ford said: “I am extremely pleased to announce that Naomi Long will become Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Centre. I believe that Naomi is the right person to hold the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister to account.

“This is a very important role. This Committee has the responsibility for the creation of a genuinely shared future. Alliance is the only party that has plans to deliver an end to segregation. We will also be pressing the Executive to make the right decisions even if they are tough decisions.”

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA said: “I am very much looking forward to taking up this post. There is much work to be done to deliver the real shared future that the people of Northern Ireland deserve. The tribal parties in the last Executive failed to make progress on this matter and we will hold them to account to ensure that they get working to end segregation.

“It is essential that we build a united and stable community. OFMDFM will play a critical role in this, both in terms of policy and how the First and Deputy First Ministers personally develop their leadership function within that Department.

“We also want to see the legacy of the past addressed properly. Last October, we published a document on this issue, and we will apply pressure on the Executive to implement it. Victims and survivors must have a voice and we want to ensure that they are heard.”


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