Hendron welcomes Belfast City Council anti-thug officer

Belfast Alliance Councillor Maíre Hendron, has welcomed moves by the Council to introduce an officer to tackle anti-social behaviour in parks and leisure facilities across the city. He stated that the pilot scheme which will operate across eight sites should be rolled out across the city to make local people feel safer.

The Pottinger Councillor said: “Anti-social behaviour is a massive problem locally. I am glad to see that the council is taking this issue seriously.

“This new officer will ensure that people can use the Councils facilities without being intimidated or hassled by anyone.

“Many local people’s lives have been made a misery by anti-social behaviour stemming from sectarianism and racism and this bold move will hopefully end this sorry saga.

“I hope that this pilot project is a success as I would like to see it rolled-out across the city to crack down on local thugs.

“By using by-laws and enforcing the conditions of ASBOs this officer will hopefully be able to eradicate anti social behaviour in council owned facilities and parks.”


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