Sewage discharges remain significant problem – Ford

Alliance Party Leader David Ford has welcomed study results indicating Northern Ireland’s shoreline is now significantly cleaner, but noted sewage discharges remain a significant problem.

David Ford, who sits on the Assembly’s Environment Committee, stated: “The last Executive and direct rule Ministers have failed to address the real problem with the water and sewerage infrastructure in NI.

“As a result, we are facing action from the European Commission over this problem. This will result in fines, the tab for which will be picked up by the ratepayer. This is yet another extra cost that efficient government would save us from.

“The aim is not just to avoid fines. For the sake of our community, and tourists expecting to visit clean, green countryside and beaches, we must do better. There have been recent improvements, but these are in comparison to a very poor position to start with. There is much more to be done.”


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