Paisley’s subservient attitude to England will hold us all back – Neeson

Alliance Economy Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has blasted Ian Paisley for his comments in about to getting more cash out of Westminster. The comments were made by Ian Paisley while he praised new Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

The East Antrim MLA stated: “It is absolute nonsense to talk about “getting more out of” Government when we are a particularly bad investment because we waste billions on segregation.

“Maintaining a divided society is destroying our economy and leaving our infrastructure crumbling.

“Paisley was elected to put our own house in order, not demand others to do so – he himself talked about unwelcome interference from outside, and now he is welcoming it!

“First thing Paisley should do was the first thing Alex Salmond did – slash the number of departments. Second thing is to end segregation. Let’s get our own house in order by slashing the costs of bureaucracy and segregation, and focus on using the money we have to best effect.”

“The tribal parties in the Executive must invest to save by ending segregation, and they must put the begging bowl away for once and for all.”


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