McCarthy battles in Committee for more funding for Arts Council

Alliance Culture Arts and Leisure spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has demanded more cash for the Arts Council. He raised the issue at the Assembly’s first DCAL committee meeting.

The Strangford MLA said: “A serious problem in the culture sector is the severe underfunding of the Arts Council.

“I raised this point at the DCAL Assembly Committee meeting and I hope that the Minister with review funding for the organisation with a view to increasing it.

“The local Arts sector is extremely important because we must aim to strengthen our economy in every sector and arts will help us boost tourism to Northern Ireland.

“The strength of the arts sector is also a good indicator as to the vibrancy of a region. We want to show the world that Northern Ireland is on the up and by doing so we can attract more much-needed foreign investment to the area.

“Extra funding for the Arts Council would also help us nurture the obvious talent of our local young people. Many areas of Northern Irish life have been underfunded during the devastating years of the troubles and the barren years under the direct rule dictators. Its time that this new feelgood factor really delivered for the person on the street.

“Alliance will be keeping the pressure on the DCAL Minister Edwin Poots to deliver the funding package that our local arts sector deserves.”


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