‘Save our coast’ campaigner demands strong marine protection laws

Save Ards Coastline campaigner Kieran McCarthy MLA has said new marine environmental laws must offer comprehensive protection to local coastal areas and wildlife. The Strangford Alliance MLA has led the large campaign to save coastal land in Ards from being sold to property developers and the battle to save the land is still ongoing. His comments come before the new UK marine bill is to be published tomorrow.

Kieran McCarthy said: “This new marine environmental legislation is vitally important.

“We need to protect our coastlines not for the sake of the environment and wildlife, but also to ensure that Northern Ireland maintains its tourism potential.

“I have been battling for the past six months to save threatened Ards coastal land and I want to promote awareness of the need to protect our coastline across Northern Ireland.

“This new marine legislation should fulfil three vital functions. It must protect our local coastal areas from undesirable property development. We must not let this land become building sites

“Secondly, it must protect our local coastline from erosion and finally it must protect marine wildlife. These new conservation laws must be strict and the government must allocate resources to ensure compliance.”


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