Get back to work and tackle bread and butter issues says Lo

New South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has stated that the Assembly must get back to business as soon as possible because the election campaign highlighted people’s interest in bread and butter issues, not tribalism. She stated that on the doorsteps, people wanted rates hikes and water charges tackled and better local services provided.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The tribal parties must get back to business in the Assembly immediately because local people are crying out for our local representatives to tackle bread and butter issues.

“The election campaign illustrated that people are far more concerned about issues that affect their everyday lives, than tribalism.

“On the doorsteps people were telling me about their concerns regarding water charges and rates rises. They want politicians that work, not ones that cannot even get power sharing started again.

“This election will have meant nothing at all if the tribal parties do not get down to business and form an Executive before deadline day. People want to see action, not hear empty words. Its time to move forward and at the moment only Alliance and the United Community group are doing that.”


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