Lawther challenges Antrim Council to go green

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has called for Antrim Council to be far more proactive in its protection of the environment and promoting sustainable development in the area.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “The council has put environmental enhancement and protection high on its priority list in its corporate plan. In our Community Planning meeting, I called for some real action to be taken to put this into effect.

“Often the council finds itself in a position to put constraints or limitations on how a site or development proceeds but has not used its power to insist on sustainable development. I have asked that in all future cases, we insist that certain standards be reached, for example using energy sources which are carbon neutral or using a wind turbine to help power the development.

“Action Renewables recently gave an excellent presentation to council on how householders can access grants for renewable energy sources In that presentation they discussed the Wind turbine at Antrim Hospital and it was given a glowing report. It has generated more electricity that expected, and this is the kind of project I think council should be trying to encourage.

“The Council should go one step further and ask that all companies tendering for our business should demonstrate how they contribute to a better environment, and this should be a consideration when we award the tender.

“I will also be looking closely at all building projects the council undertake. So many opportunities were missed in recent projects, where default oil and gas heating systems were installed without consideration being given to the viable alternatives.

“It is recognised by over 95% of scientists that climate change real and is a threat to our future, so I want to ensure that Antrim Borough Council plays its part in reducing carbon emissions.”


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