Time for tribal parties to show they are serious about powersharing

Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy has said it is time that the tribal parties, especially the DUP, show they are serious about powersharing. He stated that Alliance had sent out a strong signal that they will work hard for everyone by forming the progressive United Community group with Dr Kieran Deeny MLA and Green Party MLA Brian Wilson.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Its time for the DUP to show that it is serious about powersharing and serious about creating a stable future for Northern Ireland.

“The 26 March deadline must be met or else the parties that do not sign up to devolution will have failed local people.

“We have shown that we are serious about devolution and serious about working hard for everyone by creating the United Community group yesterday with Brian Wilson and Dr Kieran Deeny.

“The United Community group will provide strong opposition and we will act as a watchdog for the people of Northern Ireland to ensure they get the best local services possible. We also aim to stop sectarian carve-ups and end segregation.

“Now is the time for the DUP and Sinn Fein to have face to face dialogue to break the deadlock. Local voters have given them a chance and they must not waste it like the UUP and SDLP did.

“Everyone said that this election was about delivery, and if that is the case, local people will take a long look at the all the parties and if they have not lived up to expectations, they will be dumped by the electorate next time round.”


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